Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who qualifies for a TotalCard Express?

  • All new and existing customers interested in managing cost and reducing cash exposure.

How do I get a TotalCard Express?

  • Visit any Total service station.
  • Request for TotalCard Express from any attendant.
  • Activate the Card via SMS, USSD or the web portal.
  • It is now ready for use.

How does my TotalCard Express work?

  • Inform the customer attendant that you are a Total Card Express customer.
  • Present the TotalCard Express to the Customer Attendant for the status to be checked (validity and balance).
  • The attendant will ask you for quantity or amount of the product(s) you want to buy
  • You will be served with the required product(s) accordingly
  • The attendant will enter the details of the transaction into the terminal and then hand over the terminal to you to confirm if the amount on the terminal’s screen corresponds with the amount of your purchase(s)
  • If amount agrees with your purchase(s), validate the transaction by entering your 4-digit PIN code.
  • He will take back the terminal while it is printing the receipt
  • The receipt and your TotalCard Express will be handed over to you
  • Never let the attendant key in your PIN code.
  • Always enter PIN code yourself.
  • If you enter the INCORRECT pin code twice, prompt the attendant to cancel the process, and then verify your pin before concluding your transaction
    -Note: failure on the third attempt will get the card blocked.

Does my card require activation before use and what is my PIN?

  • Yes, to use your card you must activate it via USSD, SMS, WEB PORTAL and any TotalCard Express STATION.
  • Your transaction pin is a 4 (four) digit number that is sent after card activation is successful to authenticate your transactions; it is confidential and most not be shared with anyone.

Card Activation Process

Step 1

  • VIA SMS:

    Text TOTAL <space> ACT <space> Card Number <Space> CVN <Space>FULLNAME <space> LOCATION <space> GENDER <space> DATE OF BIRTH to 20822 on all Newtorks

    eg. TOTAL ACT 012345 123 ADAIGWE LAGOS FEMALE 31/7/1897

    You will get one (1) Activation SMS notification one indicating card activation is successful containing your card pin and expiry date.

    • Dial *5454*1*CardNumber*CVN# or Dial *5454# AND SELECT ACTIVATE CARD FROM THE MENU  ON ETISALAT
    • Dial *360*120*1*CardNumber*CVN# or Dial *360*120# AND SELECT ACTIVATE CARD FROM THE MENU ON MTN
    • Dial *772*120*1*CardNumber*CVN# or Dial *772*120# AND SELECT ACTIVATE CARD FROM THE MENU ON AIRTEL AND GLO
    • Enter Your Name and Press send
    • Select your  State of Residence and Press Send
    • Select your gender and Press Send
    • Enter your Date of Birth DD/MM/YYYY and Press Send
    • You will get 1 Activation SMS notification with a 4(four) digit pin sent after card activation is successful.

Step 2

  • VISIT TOTALCARD EXPRESS  Portal to complete your profile
    • Visit on your Mobile or PC
    • Click on create my account link.
    • Answer a simple security question, and Click on Activate
    • Login and add your card to your profile. You can also add more cards to your profile

Please kindly note you must activate your TOTALCARD EXPRESS before using your card in our stations


How do I avoid fraudulent transactions on my card?

Your PIN is the signature required for all card transactions and as such should be kept secret and private; do not share with a third party. Always keep your card safe. Note that transactions can only occur with the physical card slotted into the terminal with the PIN number typed in

Don't allow your card to go out of sight when being used for a transaction at Total Service Stations.

What happens to my account when my TotalCard Express is lost or stolen?

Your money is safe as you are required to report any lost or stolen cards immediately to the under listed Platforms:

  • Any Total Service Station nearest to you
  • via Social Media
  • Whatsapp 0700-868252273
  • or by calling 0700-TOTALCARD

How do I Top up my Total card?

You can top up your Total card through the under listed channels:

Option 1 -  Web portal :

  • Open the TOTALCARD EXPRESS  Portal
  • Login with your email and password
  • Click on Quick top up
  • Select the card you want to load from your account
  • Enter the amount you want to load on your card
  • Click on continue
  • Confirm the Total Amount you want to reload and the additional transaction fee of 100
  • Click on pay with Quickteller
  • Select your payment methods, Enter you card details and confirm payment.
  • Your card will be topped up automatically.
  • Please note you have to visit a Total Station to use your card


Option 2:

Visit :

  • Enter your cardnumber and your personal information and continue the transaction.
  • Verify the CVN on the Customer name Field matches your CVN on your card except you are reloading another person’s card.
  • Enter your Bank Card Details and Complete the transaction. Remember to visit any TotalCard Enabled Total Service Station to use your card.

Option 3: Quickteller Enabled ATM’s

1. Insert your Bank ATM Card into machine.

2. Enter your PIN and Select Quickteller from the Menu

3. Select PAY BILLS and Pay a Merchant or Others

4. Enter Payment ATM Code: 04234501 to continue

5. Enter your Cardnumber

6. Enter the Amount you wish to reload on your Card

7. Select the account the money will be debited from and Verify the Cardnumber, CVN and Reload Amount is correct before completing reload process.

  •  Please note your ATM must be enabled to do transactions like buying airtime via ATM's to carryout successful transactions, else contact your bank to enable your card.
  •  Remember to take your card to a TotalCard Enabled Total Service Station to use it.

Option 4: Quickteller Mobile APP

Download Quickteller APP from Android or IOS stores, Login to the APP and  Search for “Totalcards” and follow the instructions to reload your card.

Option 5: GTBANK Internet Banking Platform

Select Bills Payments and Click on New Request Search for "TotalCards" to get started.

Option 6: Physically at our selected Total stations nationwide

If you have any issues when reloading your card or funding your TINGG wallet call 0700TOTALCARD or 0700868252273


What are the likely reasons why my card transaction may be declined?

  • When you don't have sufficient funds on your card to transact.
  • When you enter a wrong card PIN
  • If your card is not activated. Please refer to this manual for activation process.

Can I make payments in other currencies as my card is denominated in Naira?

NO. Your TotalCard Express can only be used at Total Service stations within Nigeria in Naira.

What is CVN?

CVN [Card Verification Number] it’s the 3 italic digits numbers at the front side of your card used to authenticate the validity of your Card.

Card Features and Fees

Features Fees
Card Cost NGN 1,000
Validity 4 Years
POS (Quickteller) Top up Transaction Charges NGN 100
ATM(Quickteller) Top up Transaction Charges NGN 100
Web portal ( Top up Transaction charges NGN 100
Highest card credit NGN 1,000,000
Daily usage (transaction) No charges
Card Issue/Replacement NGN 1,000
Missing Card Balance Transfer NGN 1,500
Card Blocking No charges
Card Unblocking No charges
Pin Re-issue No Charges

*Please note that prices listed above can be changed according to prevailing economical conditions with prior notice to the customer.

Keeping Your Funds Safe

Safeguard Tips

  • Keeping your money safe means keeping your card safe. Treat your card like cash and DO NOT allow your card to be taken out of your sight.
  • Memorize your PIN.
  • Ensure that the PIN pad is not exposed when entering your PIN.
  • NEVER share your PIN with ANYONE and that includes the police, TotalCard staff or station representative
  • Ensure you do not choose a number that someone else can easily guess or imitate.
  • Report any lost or stolen card immediately
  • Always keep Total card customer service Contact Center number with you in case you need to stop your card (Number)

No Credit on Portal After Reloading on Portal

This happens when a customer reloads their Totalcard Express via and cannot see the balance change or reflected on their account, Please note that if your reload was successful look on the right pane of your dashboard to view that your last reload was successful then proceed to any Total Service Station to use your card. On getting to the station tell the Service Attendant you reloaded your card online that they should pool their terminal to accept the credit on your card that's if the money is not reflecting on your card when inserted into the terminal.

Please note if you have a failed reload process, call our callcentre number on 0700868252273 (0700TOTALCARD) or visit and click on livechat to talk with our agents to relsove the issue. Your balance will only change when your card has been taking for use in any of our service stations



This raffle (“Total card express e-draw”) is organized and managed by Tequila Nigeria Plc  (The Promoter) having its address at 29, Oduduwa Crescent, G.R.A. Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Entry Requirements

  • The campaign will run from 9th of April 2018 to 21st of May 2018 - in all Total service stations in Nigeria.
  • Call 0700868252273 to register your personal details of card if you have not done so or Activate your card using steps highlighted here. Only customers whom have activated thier cards qualify for this promotion.
  • The promotion is open to all residents of Nigeria age 18 years and above
  • Customers are to buy fuel and/or other products/service from any Total service station in Nigeria
  • Purchase must be made with a Total card only
  • The minimum purchase to qualify for the campaign is N10,000;
  • a card is only entitled to one win per week irrespective of the number of purchases made

People who appear under the following exceptions are not qualified to participate in the promotion:

  • Employees (and their families) of the promoter, its affiliates and subsidiary companies, and representatives or agents of the promoter.
  • Employees (and their families) of Total Nigeria plc, its affiliates and subsidiary companies, and representatives or agents of Total Nigeria plc.
  • Anyone else professionally connected with the promotion.
  • Family members referred to include but are not limited to: spouse, ex-spouse, child or step child, parent, step parent, grandparent, step grandparent, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, brother, sister, step brother, step sister or cousin.
  • Customers whom have not activated thier cards or called 0700868252273 to register the personal details of thier card.



Prizes are pre-loaded Totalcard in each of the following category:

  • 8 people wins N10,000 every week for 6 weeks
  • 1 person wins N40,000 every week for 6 weeks
  • 1 person wins N480,000 every week for 6 weeks

To claim the prize, winners MUST present at least a valid identity card.

The prizes will be awarded as described within the Promotion and not convertible to cash.


  • All winners will be chosen via electronic draw based on Total Card numbers that qualify as stated in the Entry Requirements.
  • There will be 8 draws on a weekly basis spread across three categories of winners, starting from  April 9th 2018 till May 21st 2018  Total Nigeria Plc Head Office. In each weekly draw, winners will be rewarded with Total cards as stated under prizes.
  • The winners will be notified by telephone within 2 days after the draw has been conducted. All reasonable attempts will be made to contact the winners, but if this cannot be achieved by the third day, the Promoter reserves the right to withdraw the prize and award to an alternative winner or to dispose the prize as it deems fit.
  • If any winner is subsequently found ineligible to participate in this Promotion, the Promoter may at its sole discretion forfeit or reclaim the prize and award or dispose of the same in such manner and to such person as it deems fit.
  • The promoter’s decision in all matters as it concernings the promotion is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • The distribution of prizes to winners will be conducted at the nearest Total Filling Stations. All prizes shall be distributed and collected within 1 week. Failure to collect the prizes within the specified dates will result in forfeiture of the prize at the Promoter’s discretion.
  • A winner may be required to take part in publicity related to the Promotion including having his or her photograph taken and his or her name, nationality and country of residence being disclosed.



All personal information collected by the Promoter will be used for administration of raffle. The Promoter will not share, sell or otherwise distribute personal information collected.

Please note that terms and conditions apply visit for more information