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General Sales Conditions

Article 1: Purpose

TOTAL Nigeria PLC shall make available to the CLIENT a purchase CARD system called TOTAL Card making it possible for him to obtain PRODUCTS to be paid for with value stored on the CARD.

Article 2: Use of the card

The use of the total CARD

  • Shall be limited to the CLIENT and/or REPRENSENTATIVES AND PRODUCTS subject to the PRODUCTS authorized and defined in agreement with the CLIENT.
  • May be made at the authorized POINTS OF SALE whose list shall be available upon simple request.
  • Shall be limited in time (cf. validity of the contract mentioned in the accompanying letter).
  • Shall be subject to presentation of the CARD to the station’s personnel prior to any transaction.

Any transaction effected with the CARD shall give rise to the editing of a ticket by the electronic terminal. The CONFIDENTAL CODE entered by the bearer at the time of each transaction shall serve as a signature testifying to the client’s acceptance of the transaction.
The records edited on the electronic terminals at the time of each transaction shall constitute irrefutable proof of the amount of the transaction.

Article 3: Charactertics of the card

Further to the review and acceptance of the CONTRACT, TOTAL Nigeria PLC shall provide the number of CARDS requested by the CLIENT after printing on each CARD the authorized PRODUCTS, and, unless otherwise specified, the license plate number of the vehicle and/or the name of the bearer.

A CONFIDENTIAL CODE shall be attributed to each card and permit the use of the CARD exclusively by the bearer cognizant of this CONFIDENTIAL CODE. THE CLIENT must ensure that the CARDS and their CONFIDENTIAL CODE(S) are never stored together and must protect the confidentiality of the CONFIDENTIAL CODE(S) attributed to him. An issue unit price shall be billed to the CLIENT according to the official list of prices in effect on the date of the request for membership. This unit price shall remain identical regardless of the number of cards ordered by the CLIENT. These prices may be modified ay any time without advance notice (a price schedule is available upon simple request).

Each modification requested by the CLIENT on CARDS can be invoiced at a cost determined by TOTAL Nigeria PLC.

Article 4: Billing and collection

(1) Billing

The supplies of PRODUCTS shall be billed immediately on the basis of the prices charged at the POINTS OF SALE on the date of the transaction.

Any complaint or dispute concerning the amount or the type of transactions summarized on the bills must be expressed in writing within one month from the date of issue of the bill and be accompanied by substantiating documents. Past that period, no claim shall be accepted.

(2) Payments

Payments shall be made at the POINT OF SALE according to the means of payment available. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Cash Payments
  • Card Payments
  • Bank Transfers

As regards the ELECTRONIC PURSE CARD, it shall be loaded through Direct in-station loading corresponding to immediate payment at the station for the amount of loading requested by the CLIENT. The CONFIDENTAIL CODE entered by the bearer at the time of loading shall serve as a signature testifying to the acceptance of the transaction by the CLIENT.

Article 5: Terms of the contract

This contract is entered into for a specific term (cf. the date specified in the accompanying letter) and shall be tacitly renewed if neither party cancels it. It shall become effective as of the date of delivery of the cards to the clients. Each party shall have the right to cancel this contract at any time, subject to informing the other by written notice at least eight days before the effective date of the cancellation.
Since the CARDS shall remain the property of TOTAL Nigeria PLC, the termination of this contract for any reason whatsoever shall automatically require that the CLIENT return them to TOTAL Nigeria PLC and bar him from using them. If, upon expiry of the CONTRACT the holder continues or tries to make of use the cards, he shall be subject to legal action and to the payment of damages.

Article 6: Obligations and laibilty of the client

All the cards shall be entrusted to the CLIENT personally. Consequently, his personal liability shall remain even if the cards are used by third parties.
The CLIENT alone shall be liable vis-à-vis TOTAL Nigeria PLC for the payment of any transaction made by means of his cards, even in the event of uses that do not conform to this contract.
The CLIENT shall have the obligation to inform TOTAL Nigeria PLC in writing of any change of particulars (address, telephone numbers, email).

Article 7: Loss or theft of the card(s)

In case of loss or theft of one or more CARD(S), the client shall be obligated to immediately notify such fact to TOTAL Nigeria PLC by telephone (during the business hours of TOTAL Nigeria PLC) or by email subject to written confirmation within 48 hours.

However, the client shall remain liable, during the 48 business hours following the notice, for any transaction made by means of the lost or stolen CARD(S).

If a lost or stolen CARD is found, the CLIENT may not use it without making a request to that effect in writing or email and securing the approval of TOTAL Nigeria PLC.

Should the CLIENT fail to inform TOTAL Nigeria PLC or inform it past said 48 hours, the CLIENT shall remain liable, and TOTAL Nigeria PLC shall be released from any liability subsequent to the loss and/or theft of the CARDS.

Article 8: Canclelation of the cards

Should the CLIENT breach its contract obligations, TOTAL Nigeria PLC may put an immediate stop to the use of the CARD(S) held by the CLIENT.

A CLIENT may ask in writing for the cancellation of one or more CARDS, which he must then return to TOTAL Nigeria PLC.

TOTAL Nigeria PLC may cancel and/or refuse to renew one or more CARDS held by the CLIENT. Such a decision¸ which must be notified to the CLIENT and substantiated in writing or email, shall take into account (without limitation) any significant modification of the CLIENT’s financial position, the absence or inadequacy of the security deposit and/or the bank guarantee, unpaid installments, abnormal removals, supplies in excess of maximum amounts authorized, etc.

Article 9: Revision of the general conditions

TOTAL Nigeria PLC may modify or supplement the terms of this contract in writing at any time.

Any withdrawal of PRODUCTS by the client after receiving said written document shall mean that the CLIENT accepts the new clauses of the contract.

Article 10: Force majeure

TOTAL Nigeria PLC shall be exempted from liability in cases where failure to perform its obligation is caused by force majeure circumstances, which shall include other than the cases defined by the jurisprudence: wars, riots, events disrupting the supply of the refiners or the conditions of transportation, strikes or lockouts, legislative or regulatory provisions limiting the quantities available on the market or modifying the conditions of delivery or removal.

Article 11: Jurisdiction

Any dispute concerning the interpretation or performance of this contract shall be governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of law in Nigeria.